From left to right:

  • Chin Chin Too (visiting PhD student from Monash Malaysia)
  • Anna Voulgari (PhD student)
  • Birte Peters (PhD student)
  • Hanna Zehnle (MSc student)
  • Sonja Hohlfeld (BSc student)
  • Paul Gaube (PhD student)
  • Markus Ankenbrand (Post-Doc)
  • Alexander Keller (Group Leader)
  • R2D2 (visiting scientist)

Our research projects focus on a combination of field ecology with bioinformatics and new sequencing technologies. Conceptually, we are interested in patterns and structuring forces of communities, where organisms are not easily identifiable or distinguishable from each other. This interest applies to various levels, starting with abundance and diversity of taxa, over phylogenetic reconstructions, towards environmental and spatial influences and lastly regarding organisms’ molecular interactions with each other on a genomic level. Methodologically, the workgroup is developing computational workflows and databases as well as laboratory protocols to analyse ecological samples with next-generation sequencing technologies.